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A Letter to You (1)


Hi Dad.
You said you love going to the beach.
You said it somehow reminds you of your childhood – running around, catching fishes, building sandcastles, or simply sitting by the beach enjoying the sea breeze.

You said you’d take me there when I am home, to calm the upset-me who weren’t there at that time. Do you remember?
Earlier today I was finally there. In fact, all of us were there.
As much as I wanted that you’d be there, you weren’t there.

Hi Dad, expect more open letters  from now. As much as I miss sending random texts to you, I just don’t know where to. Therefore, I am writing this letter to you.

A Letter to You is blog post series which is written as part of my personal journey in reconciling with grief. Unlike my other writing, the post will be raw – freshly written and right away posted. No drafting, no editing.